11 January 2010

Countdown to IAALD Montpellier

On 25 April, the 13th IAALD World Congress kicks off in Montpellier ...

These past weeks, members of the organizing committee have been very busy reviewing almost 200 poster and presentation proposals for the congress. We can look forward to a very exciting set of papers - and speakers - joining us in Montpellier.

You can see the pre-schedule online: http://iaald2010.agropolis.fr/program/schedule :

Aside from the plenary sessions (http://iaald2010.agropolis.fr/program/program), things to look out for include:

- a workshop on biodiversity information exchange organized by our partners EBHL and Bioversity International - 2010 is international year of biodiversity!

- a session by FAO on vocabularies to share information across communities

- a CIARD workshop on concrete ways to make your information accessible (Monday)

- a workshop by CTA on 'm-agriculture'- mobile phones and devices

- a FAO/CTA e-agriculture.org session on monitoring and evaluating rural ICT interventions

- a session by the University of Washington Technology & Social Change group on delivering rural public access to ICTs

- a session by IAALD on innovations in agricultural libraries

- discussions on open access, knowledge sharing, and social media in agriculture

- networking with colleagues from around the world in a fantastic location - Montpellier (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montpellier) - heart of French agricultural education and research in a region full of history, culture, wine and agricultural products.

- visits to the historic Botanic Garden, Faculty of Medicine, and Agropolis Museum in Montpellier

Please help us plan and prepare - and save yourself some money - register online at: http://iaald2010.agropolis.fr/venue/registration

There are still a few stands left - send an email to Christine Silvy for information (silvy@supagro.inra.fr)

We hope to see many people working with agricultural information, communication, knowledge sharing, and ICTs in Montpellier!

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