18 August 2010

‘AgKnowledge Africa’ Share Fair

Join us in Addis Ababa from October 18-21, 2010 to showcase the ways agricultural and rural knowledge in and of Africa is created, shared, communicated, and put to use.

Like the 2009 edition in Rome, this event will be a ‘fair’ that brings together the diverse knowledge of the continent and the multiple innovative ways it is created, shared, communicated, and applied. We will be sharing the experiences of a wide range of people and organizations: Farmer organizations, extensionists, researchers, students, academia, policy shapers, information and communication specialists, private sector actors, international and regional organizations, and governments.

We will cover a wide range of knowledge types and modes of sharing – oral, visual, drama, music, video, radio, documentary, publishing, storytelling, web-based, geospatial, networked, mobile, computer-based, SMS, or journalistic.

The heart of the fair is a series of thematic ‘learning pathways’ in a process of mapping, sharing and connecting people and activities. These pathways will showcase how African ‘talents’ are creating, sharing and using rural knowledge - at the grassroots, in research and policy, and through intermediaries. The pathways will focus on agriculture and climate change, land, livestock, and water.

The Share Fair also comprises:

● SKILLS & TOOLS: A learning day at the start where participants can share practical tools and approaches that enhance their own knowledge sharing and use in agriculture.

● FOCUS GROUPS: Self-organized spaces where participants get together to explore experiences in specific issues and topics. Examples are:
○ Africa’s knowledge sharing traditions – storytelling, traditional wisdom, etc
○ Making knowledge mobile
○ Relief, research, development – connecting along the continuum
○ Indigenous knowledge – listening to the roots
○ Telecenters – emerging roles in knowledge creation and sharing
○ Radio
○ Extension and advisory services across phones
○ Participatory GIS and spatial data
○ Lost in Translation - Traducture
○ Knowledge and communication along and in support of value chains

● FOCUS ON ETHIOPIA: A forum for knowledge-sharing initiatives and actors in Ethiopia to showcase their activities and results.

● MARKETPLACE: An alternative to the usual exhibition, we aim to create (traditional) interactive spaces where goods and knowledge are transacted.

● FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Much traditional knowledge is ‘captured’ and passed on through food – the recipes and the ways it is prepared and presented. We aim to highlight and showcase the links between food and knowledge sharing.

● BUNNA: A traditional Ethiopian meeting space with coffee, wireless and conversation zone.

Why Attend?

● You will take back insights and lessons learned on how knowledge is being created, exchanged and put to use within and across organizations and with rural communities.

● You will be able to attend training sessions and get to know possibilities to implement various knowledge sharing tools and methods in your own daily work.

● You will get an opportunity to share what you do and make connections with others working on similar projects!

Find out more about the event, how to participate, how to register!

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