05 June 2005

New IAALD Executive Committee elected in Kentucky

At the 11th IAALD World Congress in Lexington, the new Executive Committee took up their role. The Committee contains several new faces as well as a substantial 'carry over' from the previous Committee - which offers valuable continuity.

The officers in the new committee are: President (Peter Ballantyne), First Vice President (Stephen Rudgard), Second Vice President (Dorothy Mukhebi), Secretary/Treasurer (Toni Greider) and Editor (Debbie Currie). Ordinary members are: Vielka Chang-Yau, Michal Demes, Elizabeth Dodsworth, Elizabeth Goldberg, Barbara Hutchinson, Nick Maliha, H.V. Mote, Takashi Nagatsuka, and Shuchun Pan. There are currently also two Ex-Officio Observers representing Associations and Chapters: Ms. Keiko Katsuragi (representing JAALD) and Mr. Federico Sancho (representing AIBDA).

The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be held in Rome on 22 and 23 October, 2005. Contact us at info@iaald.org.




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