29 September 2005

New AGRIS metadata standard to describe, index and exchange agricultural information

As more and more organisations make their library catalogues and other databases accessible over the Internet, there is a demand for standards and common formats to facilitate exchange among systems as well as cross-searching across different platforms.

The scope and use of the AGRIS Application Profile (AGRIS AP) is explained in a recent FAO report. Based on the Dublin Core Elements and Qualifiers, the Agricultural Metadata Element Set, and the Australian Government Locator Service Metadata Set, the new AGRIS AP is intended to facilitate interoperability of metadata formats, enable linking of various types of agricultural information, and to facilitate the sharing and harvesting of data compiled by countries and centres participating in AGRIS.

A related document explains how institutions whose local XML-enabled database does not follow the AGRIS standards can be configured to generate AGRIS AP XML data that can be disseminated to and harvested by the AGRIS system.




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