15 September 2005

FAO study on agricultural knowledge and information systems for rural development

A new FAO publication (in PDF format) Enhancing Coordination among AKIS/RD Actors analyses case studies on Agricultural Knowledge and Information Systems for Rural Development (AKIS/RD) in ten countries. It gives insights into the operations of these systems as well as drawing out lessons learned.

The case studies show the importance of a well-formulated AKIS/RD policy that, among other things, encourages actors to interact with each other for their mutual benefit in advancing agricultural and rural development. It argues that agricultural institutions need to actively promote linkages, technology transfer, knowledge sharing and exchange of relevant information and avoid competition for limited government resources. They need to strengthen linkage mechanisms that improve the flow of technology to agricultural producers.

Countries studied for the report were Cameroon, Chile, Cuba, Egypt, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Trinidad and Tobago, and Uganda.




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