29 August 2005

CTA study looks at ICTs in agriculture in Malawi and Mozambique

A research report prepared for CTA suggests ways in which information and communication technologies might be used to enhance agricultural extension and marketing in Malawi and Mozambique. Prepared by Nairobi-based Archway Technology Management,the authors are cautiously optimistic regarding the potential for ICT in agricultural extension and marketing. This optimism is based on the existing penetration of ICT among service providers, the dynamics in the mobile telecommunication industry, and the proliferation of local or community radio broadcasting stations.

The authors conclude by suggesting that "organisations that have operational partnerships in place within the agriculture sector, combined with an above-average ICT-readiness score, can seize the opportunity to explore avenues to create new, powerful ICT enabled agricultural extension and marketing services that make a difference to agricultural producers in the first place." Note: the study grew out of the discussions held in the 2003 CTA Observatory on "ICTs - transforming agricultural extension?"



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