18 August 2005

Sharing biotech information in the Philippines

The Philippines Department of Agriculture recently set up a Biotechnology Information Network as part of a national advocacy project for modern biotechnology. With the SEARCA Biotechnology Information Center as lead agency, the project works with regional consortia within the country to act as repositories of biotechnology information and nerve centers for the awareness activities.

The SEARCA Biotechnology Information Center itself was set up in 2000 as the hub of a regional South-East Asian network for science-based information on agricultural biotechnology. As such, it coordinates with regional and national network nodes on the exchange, processing, packaging, and distribution of agricultural biotechnology information, supports national programs on agricultural biotechnology by providing strategic information for decision-making, and synthesizes and packages science-based information using appropriate formats. Its web site gives access to current biotech news from the region, a list of recommended online sources of agbiotech info, and a photo exchange.



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