09 July 2005

Agrarian information resources of the Ukraine

A recent article by Tatiana Deribon gives a comprehensive overview of Ukraine’s agricultural information resources. She uses the terms 'agrarian information' to mean information on agriculture, food, forestry, fishery, water management and aquaculture, environmental protection, and other related issues. Her paper gives an overview of Ukraine's agrarian information generators, lists publishing activities (around 90 serial titles), and introduces the major information resources and libraries of the country (275 plus agricultural libraries).

Tatiana concludes by pointing to the need to define a national leader in the field of agrarian information which should provide a national web portal to all agrarian information resources in the country. She also calls for more effort to harmonize Ukraine’s bibliographic description of agrarian research output with international requirements and for development of a Ukrainian national agricultural ontology joined to that of FAO.

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