01 September 2005

IAALD seeks host proposals for its 2010 World Congress

In May 2005, IAALD held its 11th World Congress and General Assembly in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. The event was attended by some 250 agricultural information specialists and was held in association with the US Agricultural Information Network (USAIN). During the 5 day meeting, 4 pre-conference workshops were organised, 9 plenary sessions were held with 31 speakers and panelists, 40 papers were given in concurrent working sessions, and 34 posters were presented. There was also a full and varied social programme and an exhibition of agricultural information products and services.

The IAALD Executive Committee invites expressions of interest from IAALD partners, members and associated groups to host the 12th World Congress in 2010. Please send your well-thought out and brief proposals by email to 'info@iaald.org' to reach the Committee on or before 30 September 2005. The Executive Committee will review proposals received at its next meeting planned for 22 and 23 October 2005 and make a decision regarding the location of the next World Congress.

In taking its decision, the Executive Committee will consider at least the following criteria:
  • estimated costs to hold the congress, and for participants to attend; including likelihood of sponsorships and income generation for IAALD;
  • meeting facilities, logistics and accommodation options, including international access
  • IAALD actual and potential membership base in the country/region and opportunities to strengthen this
  • organisational commitment and capacities of the host institution(s)
  • co-organising opportunities with IAALD partners and allies.

Tip: Contact Toni Greider (toni.greider@iaald.org) to benefit from any lessons and insights she gained as host of the recent 11th World Congress.




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