05 January 2006

Belarus Agricultural Library on the web

According to Google, the web site of the Belarus Agricultural Library (BelAL) was updated today (5 January 2006). Fifty professional librarians work in the library - their slogan is "information without borders!" and their mission is the organization of free access to information without limits [note: the mission, values and professional credo are very interesting to read!].

From the web site, visitors can access a wide range of information resources, databases, and services. Access to the collection (the largest in the country) is possible through the online library catalogue.

The library also hosts the full text of the country's main scientific agricultural journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus. Agrarian Sciences Series, the AgroWeb Belarus web navigator, as well as directories on agricultural information centres, science and education. The library is a member of IAALD and appreciates professional contacts with colleagues from various countries.




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