15 February 2006

Tamil Nadu empowers rural people the e-Extension way

The January 2006 issue of i4donline has an article where researchers at Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University explain how they established village information centres to assist rural people electronically access information on their needs.

The authors conclude that "information is available on various subjects but to access it, one has to be well versed in English language." They suggest it is time that educational institutions and the Government authorities develop information in local languages. Furthermore, they suggest that:
  • The project site should be selected carefully. Nothing can be done successfully without the target people co-operation.
  • Information, which is provided to them, should be need based.
  • Information provided through video and audio were cost effective.
  • Information retrieval should be cost effective.
  • Project should have enough period of time to monitor and analyze the feed back of the project.




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