22 November 2006

Agricultural biodiversity news

Luigi Guarino and Jeremy Cherfas - two well-known names in biodiversity blogging just set up a new agricultural biodiversity weblog that aims to "collect in one place anything we find on the internet that relates somehow to the notion of agricultural biodiversity."

Issues covered so far range from 'archaeology' to 'wild relatives', passing through biotechnology, indigenous knowledge and neglected species on the way. Luigi also has a good word to say about our own IAALD blogging efforts. Contributions, comments and sugestions are welcome, so spread the link and subscribe to the daily news updates!

While on this topic, we see that IPGRI (international plant genetic resources institute) in Rome will change its name in December to "Bioversity International" or "Bioversity" for short. Its seems the new name reflects a new strateg "which focuses on improving people’s lives through biodiversity research." [Incidentally, the the new name is Bioversity, not Biodiversity]




Blogger Jeremy Cherfas said...

Thanks for the link. Meanwhile, with another hat on, I should warn your readers that the link to Bioversity International will not be live for a day or two yet.

November 23, 2006  

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