14 December 2006

Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education

Since 1994, the Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education has published the Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education. Articles within this academic journal focus on agricultural or extension education, particularly related to developing countries or on an international perspective. The abstracts of current and back issues are available online.

The Fall 2006 issue, for instance, has a 'seminal article' by Burton Swanson on 'the changing role of agricultural extension in a global economy' as well as pieces on extension in the Philippines, Kenya, and the USA.

Due to various human and environmental forces affecting the world, there is an ever increasing need to reinforce agricultural education in the global community. Dr. Gary Wingenbach, Associate Professor of Agricultural Communications & Journalism at Texas A&M, and AIAEE Journal Committee Chair, encourages future submissions about library and information services related to international extension education or international agriculture education, especially submissions that share a common goal of supporting agricultural education.

For more information see the AIAEE website.




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