15 July 2009

AgInfo management system for Southern Africa

Accra, 15 July 2009: Speaking in the opening plenary of the IAALD Africa conference, Krishan Bheenick of the SADC Secretariat traced the development of AIMS – the Agricultural Information Management System of SADC.

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The idea is that AIMS will be an integrating platform - according to Bheenick, “ we are being asked to integrate and package and make sense across all the projects.”

AIMS, when fully developed, will give access to numeric data, spatial data, directories and repositories, and a range of content management and networking tools.

AIMS has emerged from a series of consultations and discussions in recent years. The strategy adoped was to “start by providing a common interface to these various information sources; then we can look at ways to integrate the various subsystems.”

Guiding principles adopted by AIMS participants:
  • Focus on people and networks in instititutions in the regions
  • Content – quality, accessible, timely
  • International standards to allow sharing and re-use of content
  • Satisfy multiple needs with multiple functionalities


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