08 July 2009

Science blogging: The future of science communication?

The relationships between science journalism, science communication and new social media was one of the discussion points at the recent World Conference of Science Journalists.

A recent post by Daniel D. Brown on his Biochemical Soul blog explains why scientists and science students should follow science blogs:
  1. To keep up to date on fascinating research
  2. Join in the great discussion
  3. Science blogs allow you to talk about science in an informal setting
  4. Gain emotional and social support from like-minded people
Why they should start a science blog:
  1. Share your passion for science
  2. Be a part of the community
  3. Make connections
  4. Be a part of “the good fight”
  5. Become a better writer
  6. Hone your ability to distill complex research into understandable terms
  7. Showcase your dedication to science and your interest in outreach
  8. Get feedback on your own thoughts and/or research
  9. Blogs are great teaching tools both inside and outside the classroom
  10. Increase the visibility of yourself, your lab, your department, and your University
  11. Have fun

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