26 November 2010

The association between agricultural information services and technical efficiency among maize producers in western Kenya

This paper (at the 2010 AAAE Third Conference/AEASA 48th Conference, September 19-23, 2010, Cape Town, South Africa) aims to provide empirical evidence on the links between efficiency in maize production and access to soil-related agricultural information services.

The results shows that farmers with access to soil-related agricultural information services were more technically efficient (average technical efficiency of 90%) in maize production compared to those without access to information (technical efficiency at 70%).

Given the significant role that access to soilrelated agricultural information services play on technical efficiency in maize production in the study area, the paper recommends improvements in farmers access to this important resources through: (i) the strengthening of the formal and informal agricultural extension services, (ii) a stronger linkage among agricultural research, agricultural extension, and farm level activities; and (iii) policy support for increased distribution of soil management inputs.

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