26 November 2010

Do ICTs enhance rural livelihoods?: Research findings from a study in Asia

IDRC with IFAD–ENRAP have been researching and generating evidence for the influence or change-making potential of ICTs on rural livelihoods in Asia - in a rigorous way.

Seven research proposals – a combination of action-research pilots and ex-post evaluations - were supported (one is still on-going) over 2009-2010 after an initial scoping study and subsequent consultation with a set of researchers and practitioners. While six research pieces look at farmers and farmer livelihoods, one also looks at improving access to jobs for rural casual wage labor by better matching of skills and job requirements.

Six of the seven research studies have recently reached an important milestone. Researchers have put together their findings. And even though in case of action research pilots, the research is ongoing, they have some interesting results to share. Briefs on each of the research studies and full papers are available at: http://www.enrap.org/research/icts-for-livelihoods-research/icts-for-livelihoods-research-papers/.

The papers include:

Connecting to Work: Non-agricultural livelihood opportunities for Rural Labour: Sri Lanka (wage labour)

Livelihood Solutions through Mobile Technology: An Assessment of LifeLines in India by IRRAD

Crop Nutrient Management Decision Support System: India

Impact Assessment of the e-AGRIKultura Project: Philippines

Evaluation of Rural Information Project for the Promotion of Agricultural Livelihood in Rural Community in Ningxia of China by AII

Price Transparency in Agricultural Produce Markets: Sri Lanka

Beyond Technology: Making Information Work for Livelihoods

Beyond Projects: Making Sense of the Evidence

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