04 January 2012

IT, internet and extension

The December 2011 issue of JOE - the Journal of Extension takes a look at information technology and extension.

Content includes:

Extension Is Unpopular—On the Internet

Is Extension Ready to Adopt Technology for Delivering Programs and Reaching New Audiences?

Land-Grant University Employee Perceptions of eXtension: A Baseline Descriptive Study

Leveraging New Media in the Scholarship of Engagement: Opportunities and Incentives

Using Information Technology to Forge Connections in an Extension Service Project

Promoting Healthy Eating and Exercise Through Online Messages: A Pilot Study

Revising an Extension Education Website for Limited Resource Audiences Using Social Marketing Theory

Mapping Extension's Networks: Using Social Network Analysis to Explore Extension's Outreach

An Analysis of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service's Role in Bridging the Digital Divide

Social Media Use of Cooperative Extension Family Economics Educators: Online Survey Results and Implications

An Examination of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Associated with the Adoption of Moodle™ by eXtension

Positive Examples and Lessons Learned from Rural Small Business Adoption of E-Commerce Strategies

Online Nutrition Education: Enhancing Opportunities for Limited-Resource Learners

Social Network Analysis: A Tool to Improve Understanding of Collaborative Management Groups

Virtual Training for Virtual Success: Michigan State University Extension's Virtual Conference

A Successful Multi-Institutional Blog for Transferring Garden and Landscape Information to the Public

Entrepreneurial Extension Conducted via Social Media

Strengthening 4-H Program Communication Through Technology

Working in a Wiki: A Tool for Collaboration Among Virtual Teams

Web-Based Family Life Education: Spotlight on User Experience

An Automated Data Analysis Tool for Livestock Market Data

A State-Specific Online Cover Crop Decision Tool for Midwest Farmers

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