30 August 2006

Agri-Food IT professionals meet in Orlando

The 4th World Congress of Computers in Agriculture and Natural Resources was held in Orlando, Florida, USA from July 24 to 26th, 2006. It was a collaborative effort among agricultural information technology associations worldwide. It provided a forum for agriculture related professionals to exchange information on applications and developments in the use of Information Technologies.

Participants observed that the globalization of the world Agri-Food market - as well as needs to produce high quality food products - introduce new demands on the creators and managers of agrifood information systems and services. Interoperability among information systems as well as improved world wide exchange of information related to agrifood production is increasingly important.

Participants identified various research and development priorities related to ICT in Agri-Food sector and rural development, including:
  • ICT applications for the complete traceability of products and services throughout a networked value chain
  • Applications and tools to improve network collaboration
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of knowledge sharing
  • Applications and tools to support dynamic network management
  • Interoperable environments in agri-food and rural areas.
  • Integration and orchestration of services
  • Security and IPR issues within collaboration
  • ICT applications for specific applications (tourism, marketing, eServices) supporting new business models in rural areas
  • Development of inexpensive IT infrastructure
The next WCCA will be held with the EFITA meeting in Glasgow in July 2007.




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