05 September 2006

Growing radio programmes for farmers in the Pacific

The July 2006 issue of South Pacific Agricultural News (SPAN) focuses on the production and use of rural radio programmes in the Pacific islands. It emerged from a recent training course where extension officers and broadcasters in the region discussed communication, research, interviewing, scripting, handling tape recorders and finding new and better ways to make interesting radio programmes for rural listeners.

As well as an article on the training course, the newsletter has an article containing a checklist of "important and interesting points" needed to prepare effective and efficient radio presentations and a two-page 'Policy Brief' on strengthening agricultural radio production in the Pacific. This identifieds the problems, the causes and recommendations that would help policy makers decide and take full advantage of radio in improving agricultural development.

The course was sponsored by CTA and organised by the University of the South Pacific's Institute of Research Extension and Training Agriculture (IRETA). The issue of SPAN is available in full text (pdf) from the Anancy web portal of CTA.




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