10 October 2006

USAIN unveils new web site

Ithaca, 10 October. After almost 10 years on the web, the United States Agricultural Information Network today unveiled a completely updated and renewed web site. Calling it the network's "face to the world" webmaster Carla Long Casler highlighted the technical upgrading that lay behind the changes. Ten years accumulation of HTML codes were fully reviewed "line by line" and brought up to current standards. Content was also fully reviewed and cleaned up - "old files were archived or deleted - anything unnecessary was removed. We're starting fresh with a site with no broken links or 'orphaned' files."

Reflecting the notion that the site is the USAIN 'face on the world,' Carla revealed that the web site attracts a worldwide audience - with many visitors from Taiwan, Germany, China, Poland, Canada, Japan, France, Brazil and other countries. So what pages are they visiting? Web statistics show very popular pages to be:The USAIN Communications Committee invites feedback on the web site.




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