01 October 2006

Communication strategies to enhance the uptake of research

A recent synthesis study across six Renewable Natural Resources Research programmes funded by DFID looked into their communication activities and derives lessons for improved practice. Written by Pat Norrish, the 6-page brief shows that effective communication for research uptake promotion requires good planning, stakeholder engagement, and the development of useful and usable communication products. Achieving these elements requires specialist input, adequate time and resources, and learning from practice.

Key messages include:
  • Successful engagement with stakeholders is central to communication for uptake promotion
  • Diverse communication skills are needed for effective communication
  • Dissemination of information via electronic media is widespread, but little is known about the reach and effectiveness of this communication pathway
  • Good communication practices are sometimes shared, but often remain confined to the project
  • The skills, resources and time to achieve effective communication are typically underestimated in project planning and implementation.
The web site of the of the Natural Resources System Programme provides access to all the knowledge and products developed over 11 years of research on the integrated management of natural resources around the developing world.




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