16 September 2006

IAALD blog metrics and use

We've now been circulating news and updates using the blog for just over a year. For anyone who might be interested, here are some basic metrics on usage.

We began recording statistics on 26 August 2005, since then 7,851 unique visitors (21/day) recorded 18,500 page loads. Since early 2006, we've seen a large increase in daily use, averaging some 70 visitors per day (a high of 581 on 17 July!).

In terms of geographic origin, 'top' countries are the USA (23%), Netherlands (6%), New Caledonia (5.6%), the UK (5%), Australia (4.7%), the Philippines (4%), India (3.8%), Canada (3.1%), and Kenya (3%). You can view a 'map' of the visitors.

The most popular individual stories have been:




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