28 September 2006

Aginfo training in the Ukraine

Working and educational seminars related to FAO information resources are being held at the National Agricultural University of Ukraine in Kiev in the period 25-29 September 2006.

The first seminar is dedicated to the 'Agricultural web-resource of the Ukraine and an increase of their efficiency' with the objectives of getting acquainted with the newest library information technologies. The second seminar will address the 'application of databases and web-technologies in a library service'. Lectures will be held by an FAO consultant and international guest partners. Host country presenters will also address different issues related to agricultural information.

Some specific topics will include Agroweb CEE, Waicent, Agora, and IMARK. Seminars will be attended by researchers and professors from agricultural universities, librarians, and representatives from different agriculture-related institutions from all over Ukraine.

Contributed by Tomaz Bartol




Anonymous Robert Portegies Zwart said...

Many thanks to Tomaz Bartol for posting this item. I would like to take this opportunity to add that the workshops he mentioned are conducted in the framework of project “Strategy formulation and capacity building in support of an agricultural information system” (TCP/UKR/3005), which was launched one year ago. One of the project’s outputs was an information strategy for the agriculture sector of Ukraine, which was finalized during a consultative seminar of major stakeholders in Kiev from 30 May to 2 June 2006. Another major output will be a set of training materials for capacity building activities in agricultural information management. In this respect, the National Agricultural University of the Ukraine is currently preparing a Russian language version of the IMARK module on Managing Electronic Documents.

September 29, 2006  

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