21 September 2006

Belarus Agricultural Library makes aginfo freely accessible

The Belarus Agricultural Library (BelAL) is the national information centre for agriculture, food and forestry in Belarus. The library aims to provide every citizen of Belarus with the opportunity to freely access and use information on agriculture, forestry and food.

The library's aims to provide country-wide access to the world's information resources on agriculture, forestry and food; to deliver highly qualified information service for the Library users; to integrate national agricultural information into the world information space and create a national information space; and secure the Belarusian document memory in the field of agriculture and organize free access to it.

BelAL has direct access to basic international, foreign and national databases; it possesses the most representative collection of agricultural literature in the country; it serves as the National Centre of the FAO International information system in the field of agriculture; and it coordinates information resources of Belarusian agriculture.

Access to the Library collection is realized through an online library catalogue. An electronic version of the main scientific agricultural journal the "News of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus: Agrarian Sciences Series" is available on the Library site.

Belarusian agricultural resources in Internet are brought together on the WWW navigator AgroWeb Belarus. This is part of the Belarus Agricultural Library Internet site and forms part of the AgroWeb Central and Eastern Europe Network that helps users find information and contacts in Central and Eastern European countries and former USSR.

Fifty professional librarians work in the Library - their slogan is "Information without borders!". The professional credo of the library is:
  • BelAL is an open library. It welcomes any contacts, denies censorship and doesn't undergo stereotypes, political and professional prejudices.
  • BelAL is a dynamic library. It is in the lead in using new information technologies, seeking for the additional opportunities of receiving or delivering of information. BelAL constantly develops. Respect of the Library users remains stable.
  • BelAL is a purposeful Library. Its activities are always complied with tasks of finding and delivering the information to users; collecting, storing and passing the information to the future generations; moving the Library up to the level of high technologies.
  • BelAL is a professional library. It unites employees of various specialties for solving the common task of providing information to the users. Professional ethics of library employees demands them to do their utmost to meet information requirements of the users
This is the third in a series of profiles introducing information services and initiatives related to agriculture. It was contributed by Valentina Yurchenko.


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