03 January 2007

AgInfo updates from FAO

As part of the evolution of FAO as a Knowledge Organization, 2007 will see the main 'information' Division in FAO (currently 'Library and Documentation Systems Division - GIL) becoming the 'Knowledge Exchange and Capacity Building Division' as part of the new Knowledge and Communication Department (KC). Major FAO initiatives in this area include:
  1. The Knowledge Forum : Includes the ASK FAO Portal and Thematic Knowledge Networks.
  2. Corporate Document Repository : As part of the more than 2,400 records added in 2006, a new series of Information and Knowledge Management Papers was launched.
  3. Information And Knowledge Management Standards : Including the AGROVOC thesaurus.
  4. Bridging the Rural Digital Divide Programme : Provides a framework of good practices, valuable case studies, and resources for capacity building.
  5. AGRIS Network : Open Access was a hot topic - a white paper on an AGRIS OAI architecture was published for disussion.
  6. Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) : Distance learning modules on, for instance, Building Electronic Communities and Networks, Investing in Information for Development, Management of Electronic Documents, and Digitization and Digital Libraries.
  7. Global Online Research in Agriculture (AGORA) : Over 100 of the world’s poorest countries are now able to access leading food and agriculture journals for little or no cost.
  8. FAO David Lubin Memorial Library: Serves as both a physical and virtual knowledge resource for FAO, member countries and the global community at large.

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