17 January 2007

Impacts of information and communication technologies on agriculture in Estonia

A survey was conducted during September-October 2004 among Estonian farmers (n=71) to examine their use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and their perception of the internet's benefits. Results show, among others, that 95.8% of the farmers use mobile phones, 87.5% use computers, and 84.7% use the internet. The main motivation of the surveyed farmers in using the internet is internet banking. Furthermore, 77% of the respondents believe that the internet improves the rural network, 71% think that it enables self-education, and 70% perceive the internet as a centre of agricultural information. Only 40% of the respondents expect the internet to improve economic efficiency.

Source: The impact of new information and communication technologies on agriculture in Estonia. / Orin, J. , Põldaru, R. , Roots, J. [Estonian Agricultural University] / Transactions of the Estonian Agricultural University, 2005, No. 221, pp. 169-178, 7 ref.

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