19 February 2007

Using metadata and ontologies to improve access to agricultural information

In November 2006, FAO convened the 7th Agricultural Ontology Service Workshop in India to explore how ontologies can be used to extract and acquire additional knowledge from existing agricultural information systems.

The workshop brought together more than 30 key persons in Library and Information services, Researchers and Research Information Managers, providers of extension services and Computer and system administrators in agricultural research, technology and extension institutions.

Presentations included:
  • The Agricultural Ontology Service and its vision
  • Rough Set based Decision Tree for Identifying Vulnerable and Food Insecure Households /India
  • Organizing and Implementing on the Thesauri Mapping Project / China
  • Using UML for Ontology Construction: A case study in Agriculture /France
  • Incorporating ARGOVOC in DSpace-based Agricultural Repositories / India
  • Metadata Framework for Agricultural Resources Information System (AgRIS) / India
  • Ontology development and use for efficient information input and retrieval / India
  • Networked Ontology Project for Fisheries Alert System - Gauri Salokhe, FAO, Italy
  • OntoViz: Visualizing Ontologies and Thesauri Using Layout Algorithms / India
  • Dynamic Integrations of Crop Data and Corresponding Meteorological Data based on a Standardised Data Exchange Framework / Japan
  • Implementation of Semantic Network Dictionary System for Global Observation Data / Japan
  • Heuristic Approach for Automatic Metadata Capture of E-books / India
  • Examples of FAO ontology applications
  • Application of Web Ontology to Harvest estimation of Rice in Thailand - / Japan
  • Designing the Team-oriented Ontology Management System with Ajax Technology / China
All the presentations and the meeting report are available online.


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