30 January 2007

KM for agricultural extension in Ghana

The December 2006 issue of the open access Knowledge Management for Development Journal has an article by William Boateng on Knowledge management as a tool for agricultural extension in Ghana.

The author argues in favour of a 'circular knowledge management model for extension practice' in which knowledge management is perceived in a circular fashion,"incorporating personalization and codification strategies at the tacit-to-tacit and explicit-to-explicit knowledge exchanges respectively."

"Adopting the circular knowledge management model by extension experts will significantly bridge the knowledge divide between farmers and extension experts in search of knowledge, thus placing science and practice on the same wavelength."

Other noteworthy articles in this issue look at:
  • Research policy and knowledge management in Dutch development cooperation
  • Knowledge on yam variety development: insights from farmers’ and researchers’ practices
  • Online knowledge sharing tools: any use in Africa?
  • From knowledge transfer to a learning-based approach: perspectives from IDS information services
  • Access to scholarly literature via a free knowledge management enabler: an opportunity for scientists in developing countries
  • Civil Society, research-based knowledge, and policy

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