31 March 2007

Food, Agriculture and Nutrition sessions at SLA

FAN Activities at the 2007 SLA Annual Conference include a mix of networking sessions , paper presentations and panels.

The action kicks off on 3 June with a reception; on 4 June speakers from USAIN, AgNIC, IAALD, FAO, and the National Agricultural Library will address 'new trends in food, nutrition and agriculture associations, societies, and libraries'; and on the 5th, panelists and vendors dig deeper into 'federated searching' experiences and tools.

This is followed by several contributed papers on the issue 'increasing access to information' - including:
  • Electronic Publishing Practices of Scholarly Societies in the Agricultural Sciences;
  • Pushing Information to the Patron: the BANR blog (Biological Sciences, Agricultural, and Natural Resources) in Action;
  • A Redesign of the USDA Economics, Statistics and Market Information System: Lessons Learned in Project Management.
Source: Food for Thought - Bulletin of the Food, Agriculture and Nutrition Division of SLA

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