27 February 2007

Syrian agricultural database goes online

The Syrian National Agricultural Policy Center (NAPC) recently published the Syrian Agricultural Database 2006 in CD-ROM and Online formats, and in both Arabic and English.

Now in its fifth year the NAPC’s production of the SADB 2006 demonstrates a commitment to accurate, clear, accessible and user-friendly statistics in agriculture. Via the Internet or the distributed CD-ROM, users can access a wealth of information in the form of over 700,000 statistical data entries covering 1985 to 2005.

In short the SADB is "the most comprehensive one-stop resource for agricultural statistics in Syria, and rivals in its breadth, user-friendliness and availability any data retrieval systems in Europe and North America."

Information can be browsed, statistics and be easily compared and a accurate representation of Syria’s agriculture can thus be drawn. "Thanks to the tireless work of the NAPC’s Information and Communications Division, in the form of data retrieval, entry and representation, this resource is freely available to anyone who would like to access it."

News contributed by Oliver Bridge, FAO Project GCP/SYR/006/ITA

More information on this FAO-supported project


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