17 September 2007

AgInfo communities gather in Rome

This coming last week of September promises to be hectic as hundreds of people working with agricultural information, knowledge, ICTs, and the web gather in Rome.

The centerpiece of e-agriculture week is the web2forDevelopment conference. Originally conceived by CTA, Web2ForDev 2007 is the first conference devoted to ways in web 2.0 can be used to support networking, collaboration and knowledge exchange in agriculture and rural development.

The programme has a mouth-watering array of speakers and experiences - Agricultural Market Information Systems 2.0; Web 2.0 for Rural Communities; Drylands Resources Knowledge and Practice Network; Village to Village Knowledge Sharing; Climate Change Mashups; GFAR 2.0; E-agriculture 2.0 in the Pacific; Rural community 2.0 in Uganda; GFIS Forest Informaiton Gateway; IFPRI 2.0; and more ....

As is perhaps appropriate with web 2.0, all kinds of other events and groups are buiilding their own applications around the Web2ForDev platform. The CGIAR information management and information technology managers with hold a meeting just before; also meeting in advance are a group of experts reviewing ongoing developments of semantic standards as well as participants in the 2nd Expert Consultation on International Information Systems for Agricultural Science and Technology.

On the 25th, the 'E-Agriculture Working Group' continues its discussions of post-WSIS actions. The 26th sees a get together of partners in the Global Forum on Agricultural Research community. The IAALD Board meets on the 27th.

Finally, the 28th sees two quite different discussions. The CGIAR convenes an open face to face session [invitation]as part of its discussion on 'Opening Access to CGIAR Research and Knowledge.' On the same day, PROLINNOVA hold a smaller event to investigate 'Farmer-led documentation: Local knowledge sharing in an agricultural context.'

It all promises to be a jam-packed week. We aim to cover some of the discussions through this blog. The Web2ForDev blog is already active in the run up to the discussions and will contain reports from all the presentations. A good way to see some of the resources mobilised is through the 'web2fordev' tag on delicious.


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