11 December 2007

Lifelong learning projects for Sri Lanka's farmers

The Commonwealth of Learning is extending its Lifelong Learning for Farmers programme to Sri Lanka. This follows recent successes with such a programme in two rural areas in South India.

As in India, the programme involves four key partners:
  • Rural farmers who form an association and create their own vision of development for their community.
  • A consortium of learning institutions that share their expertise and serve as an information resource for the farmers.
  • Local ICT kiosks that link the farmers to the consortium members and facilitate learning among the farmers.
  • Commercial banks that provide loans to farmers who have increased their knowledge, capacity and productivity thanks to information from the consortium and ICT kiosks.

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Blogger Sameera Wijerathna said...



Any idea about who is coordinating this initiative from University of Colombo? Which Faculty?



February 24, 2009  

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