01 December 2007

Information management focus for the Global Forum on AgResearch

For several years, the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) has supported various information and communications management (ICM) initiatives. In particular, it has helped to build a 'Global Alliance of Regional Agricultural Information Systems' involving partner networks around the world.

Ajit Maru introduces the main themes addressed through the alliance ...

... and reflects on some results achieved:

These past few days, GFAR has held its statutory meetings in Beijing where information and ICTs have been on the agenda. Documents for the Beijing meeting describe progress and plans for the overall ICM initiative - ICM4ARD report.

Additional regional reports show what is happening in different parts of the world: AARINENA (Middle East and North Africa); APAARI (Asia and Pacific); FARA (Africa); and FORAGRO (Latin America).

These show that each region is building up its own networks and capacities and is delivering a wide range of information and communication services to their constituencies.

AARINENA, for example has set up an ICT Steering Committee which helped launch a set of databases and addressed training needs in the region. APAARI organized targeted ICT and ICM advocacy workshops for senior research leaders and managers and provide a platform for the different countries to share their experiences. FARA is facilitating several 'Access to Knowledge and Technology' initiatives, including the Regional Agricultural Information and Learning System (RAILS). FORAGRO continues to grow its INFOTEC system for sharing scientific and technological information.

To read more of these impressive efforts, the GFAR web site has a comprehensive listing of reports and documents on ICM.


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