14 November 2007

Information management for agricultural technology innovation

The May - August 2007 edition of ComunIICA has an article by Viviana Palmieri and Lornel Rivas on 'Information management for agricultural technology innovation.'

Technical information is a key element of any innovation or research process undertaken in the agricultural sector. Institutions that promote such processes are currently facing a number of challenges in relation to information management (IM). Processes must be carried out in a changing environment characterized by an exponential increase in the amount of potentially important information available, the continuing development of information and communication technologies (ICT), as well as other factors.

The challenges include the need to incorporate information explicitly into the planning and execution of all institutional processes and to make maximum use of the tools offered by ICT, which will generate support for knowledge management processes. IM entails a set of actions that include: a) defining objectives and priorities related to the field of information; and b) planning, facilitating and coordinating the activities needed to attain the objectives set.


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