26 November 2007

Africa's RAIN-makers document aginfo experiences

Since July 2003, East and Central African agriculture has benefited from a regional programme to strengthen the provision of client-oriented agricultural information. Over the years, the Regional Agricultural Information Network (RAIN) of ASARECA focused on building capacity, improving access to and generating information, improving the targeting and distribution of information to different information users, and developing strategies and policies for agricultural information. It also developed websites and directories, conducted baseline studies, developed strategic partnerships among key information organizations in the region and globally, and stimulated a postgraduate programme in agricultural information and communication management.

A key part of the approach was its role as a networking 'enabler', bringing groups together and, among other things, providing the strong foundation on which the IAALD Africa Conference was held in 2006.

It seems that all good things come to an end - or at least to a second life. As part of a strategic re-orientation, RAIN's parent organization recently decided to set up an information and communication unit to provide support services to ASARECA, and to fold RAIN activities into this.

Luckily for the wider community, and for agricultural information professionals in Africa, Dorothy Mukhebi's team wrote a booklet to record their achievements and the lessons learned. Long after RAIN has gone, we can continue to share the crucial knowledge acquired during its five years of existence. Download the RAIN story [pdf format].


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