25 January 2008

Update on GFIS - gateway to forest information

Eero Mikkola recently shared news on progress at GFIS: The new gateway was launched in January 2007 and today the gateway has got around 80 information provider partners from around the world who have been creating and linking their RSS feeds and other metadata to the GFIS gateway. The feeds maintained by the partners are harvested by the GFIS gateway daily and the freshest news, events, publications and job announcements are displayed on the entry page in chronological order.

The GFIS Coordination Unit and core partners develop the gateway constantly; a GFIS calendar is the latest function which has been added to the gateway. Users can find around 120 coming forest events provided by APAFRI, CBD, CIFOR, EFI, FAO, FFPRI, FRIM, IUFRO and Metla from the GFIS calendar for the moment and more events are coming.

It is also easy to promote new publications via the GFIS gateway. For example the freshest publications of CIMRC/CABI, US Forest Service, Springer and Eldis are displayed on the GFIS entry page and can be searched via the GFIS search.


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