30 March 2008

One laptop per farmer?

CTA Director Hansjörg Neun is struck by the potential of the 'one-laptop-per-child' concept (and the laptop) - but for farmers!

In his blog posting he explains that CTA will soon test the new laptop in 'Wageningen' conditions, seeking answers to a whole lot of questions, like:
  • Which agricultural content from CTA and its partners could CTA make available?
  • Which content could be provided online (web/email) and/or offline (on USB memory sticks, flash cards)?
  • How could it be used by illiterate people (by means of videos, graphical interfaces)?
  • Who could (or should) be the users
and more ...

In another posting on the same day, CTA's Kevin Painting makes the case "for what we at CTA are calling the 'One Laptop Per Farmer agenda' (OLPF) – which recognises the tremendous benefits that OLPC and allied technologies could bring to ACP farmers," and to organisations like CTA.

Constructive critical feedback and comments are ACTIVELY encouraged at http://neun.cta.int/


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