14 March 2008

Accessing agricultural research information for development

The 2nd Expert Consultation on International Information Systems for Agricultural Science and Technology (IISAST) was held on 23 – 24 September 2007 in FAO, Rome, and organized by seven organizations CGIAR, CTA, DFID (UK), FAO, GFAR, IAALD, and MAE (France).

In January 2008, IAALD joined the other partners at the subsequent planning meeting of the initiative to examine ways forward. The partners agreed that a 'manifesto' would be highly beneficial for the initiative, in terms of laying out the substantive agenda that was being addressed. This could act as a common declaration at a global level on collaboration and consistency between various organizations building, supporting, and maintaining information systems in agricultural research for development.

After considerable discussion, it was also agreed that the initiative should henceforward be known as: 'Coherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development' – CIARD rather than IISAST. The manifesto is being drafted and will be launched later this year.

Download the report of the consultation (pdf); see more consultations organized by FAO.


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