11 November 2008

e-Arik - ICTs and extension in rural India

Dr. R.Saravanan of India's Central Agricultural University writes that he and colleagues are "experimenting an innovative e-Agriculture -ICT inintiative (e-Arik) among economically most backward tribal population dominated Hindu-kush Himalayan Region of North-East India."

The research project aims to experiment with the application of ICTs in agricultural extension services provision and also to measure its impact on the tribal farmers.

According to a recent article in i4donline: "initial experiences of e-Arik project shows encouraging results for farm technology dissemination, creating e-Awareness and e-literacy among rural tribal community members. Farmers have enthusiastically participated in the e-Arik project activities. Agriculture information and technology dissemination through ICTs combined with interpersonal channels created highest awareness among tribal farmers. The e-Arik project experiences and feed back from the stakeholders are encouraging for scaling-up the project in other regions in North-Eastern states of India."

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