25 January 2009

Visualizing meeting discussions with wordle

In the closing session of last week's Rome ShareFair, we used www.wordle.net to visualise the topics discussed.

Wordle: aginfo2 The first visualization used the pdf version of the ShareFair programme as the source of terms. Wordle allows you to create such a picture from a set of text, in this case we focused on the 50 most frequent terms. Interesting in this ex-ante picture is the prominence to the organizations organizing the event.

Wordle: aginfo3On the morning of the final day of the ShareFair, we made a similar visualization from the feed from the ShareFair blog. As in the first picture, the term 'knowledge' was prominent. Interesting however, the organization names disappeared to be replaced by terms like 'people' and 'methods.'

Enrica Porcari at the CGIAR did the same analysis for the sharefair feed from the ICT-KM blog, concluding that "a picture is worth a thousand words."

It looks like a very useful - and flexible - tool to stimulate discussions.

The closing session ppt is on slideshare

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

indeed striking and lively at the same time

January 26, 2009  
Anonymous bvents said...

This (wordle.net) is a very nice tool, i will use it on my blogs

January 29, 2009  

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