14 April 2009

Impact of ICTs in rural areas in Australia

A new report from RIRDC in Australia identifies "the impact of ICT applications on people and communities in rural and regional Australia."

The main outcomes of this research "indicate the very important roles of Neighbourhood Houses, Community Centres, Rural Transaction Centres, Social Clubs and Government Agents (QGAP), local councils and Technical and Further Education institutes to facilitate, introduce and support ICT implementation, adoption and provision of e-government and e-learning services and programs in rural and regional Australia.

Rural citizens are increasingly leveraging the initiatives to stay connected, to enhance skills, to interact with government, find job opportunities, communicate with friends and relatives, conveniently and at reduced costs.

The ICT initiatives have created public awareness, empowerment, community development and social inclusion in these communities. The initiatives have enhanced the confidence of the citizens in using the technology and applying it to work, for hobbies, and for further education."

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