29 June 2009

Setting up an agricultural portal

Roxanna Samii explains features of the 'Portal approach' used by IFAD for its Rural Poverty Portal:

Demand-driven: The Portal's content is continuously evolving to meet the needs of its audiences.

Single repository for one-stop learning and sharing: The Portal is fully integrated with IFAD corporate databases and uses a single repository to store content.

Input once, use many: Once the information is indexed and stored in the repository, it is displayed and disseminated in multiple locations through a tagging system.

Field-friendly: Colleagues in the field and in country offices may directly submit their knowledge and learning.

Supported by a content management system: It enables users to create, edit, manage and publish various types of content (such as text, graphics, video), while being guided by a set of rules, processes and workflows that ensure a coherent and validated website appearance.

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