29 July 2009

Web2.0 in the 'green' knowledge system

Josien Kapma, Eelke Wielinga share their presentation on social media at the September 2009 European Seminar on Extension Education.

The authors "investigate differences between classical ways of knowledge transfer and
web 2.0 communication in the “Green Knowledge System”. . . The opening up, through ICTs, of information, communication, participation and collaboration leads to changes that are both incremental and entirely novel or transformational."

"Knowledge systems and their stakeholders finally have the possibilities they always wanted. Web 2.0 for the first time in history brings methods for knowledge sharing within the reach of those stakeholders themselves, for interaction with diverse and if needed numerous others."

Implications for extension?

"Not only have new media been added to the options, such as online video, blogging, skype; but these media can be used in entirely different ways."

"The organizational models that we avail of at present do not match the new dispersed form of organization which these technologies herald, nor are they particularly conducive to this change."

"Knowledge sharing and sensemaking become more and more important, as well as networking among colleagues and likeminded people."

"For agricultural extension and education the changes are not only incremental as was the case in the progress from print to photocopies or from radio to TV. The new technological options are in many ways transformational, marking the transition from the industrial age to the networking age."

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