30 September 2009

FAO releases software for Land Cover Classification System (LCCS)

The software is freely distributed by FAO (latest version is 2.4) through a self-extracting executable file that produces the entire set of files necessary to run the setup. [Details..]

LCCS is the only universally applicable classification system in operational use at present. It enables a comparison of land cover classes regardless of data source, economic sector or country. The LCCS method enhances the standardization process and minimizes the problem of dealing with a very large amount of pre-defined classes.

LCCS Manual Classification Concepts and User Manual
The LCCS software manual provides information on the classification concepts and the practical software use. The first part of the manual fully describes the LCCS used definitions and the conceptual basis. The second part of the manual deals with the LCCS operative use, from installation to extensive explanation of the functioning mode of each one of the program modules.

The LCCS manual is available in English, Spanish and Arabic.

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