19 October 2009

ICT-KM of CGIAR "heading in the right direction"

The ICT-KM Program of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) was recently subjected to an external review.

The review team findings include:

The ICT-KM Program remains relevant and vital.

Looking forward, the Program has important ongoing relevance to the CGIAR mission and direction.

A new ICT-KM strategy should be collaboratively developed and aligned with CGIAR reform and business needs.

The research community needs to be more actively engaged in the Program and its future plans and activities.

The Program has important accomplishments that have: Opened access to research results; Expanded knowledge sharing in the CGIAR through tools, workshops and events; Supported researchers at the project level, fostered sharing of lessons learned; Facilitated cross-Center collaboration; Supported cost savings through system-wide purchases of software and services; Built and leveraged partnerships in knowledge management.

The ICT-KM Program should better communicate the value of ICT-KM. More targeted strategic communications are key.

The Program should strengthen efforts to support a continuous learning culture in the CGIAR.

The ICT-KM project portfolio is generally well managed but the Program could improve its approach to quality control, and monitoring and evaluation.

The ICT-KM governance arrangement has served the Program adequately but should be changed in alignment with CGIAR reform.

The CIO has accomplished much despite major challenges, including the need for a more focused role.

The Program’s effective decentralized approach can provide the basis for its future organization.

Download the report.

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