14 May 2010

USAIN 2010: Data curation workshop

Jeanne Pfander from the University of Arizona shares this report on the USAIN 2010 Data Curation Pre-Conference Workshop:

Dr. Melissa Cragin, Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois, provided a broad overview of theoretical and practical problems in the emerging field of data curation.

Cragin defines data curation as the active and on-going management of research data through its lifecycle of interest and usefulness to scholarship, science, and education. Curation activities and policies enable data discovery and retrieval, maintain data quality, and provide for re-use over time.

Workshop participants examined and discussed issues related to research processes and lifecycles, scholarly communication, research data collections, appraisal and selection, use and re-use, cost and service models.

D. Scott Brandt and Jake Carlson, both from Purdue University Libraries, co-presented the afternoon session which focused on the Data Curation Profiles project. The Data Curation Profile provides a standardized framework for gathering information about scientists’ practices, attitudes and requirements related to data management and sharing for specific research projects.

The workshop introduced the Data Curation Profile tool and employed interactive learning activities to demonstrate how the tool can enable librarians and others to make informed decisions when working with data from various research disciplines.

For more info, see: Witt, M., Carlson, J., Brandt, D.S. and Cragin, M.H. (2009) “Developing the Data Curation Profiles” International Journal of Digital Curation, 4(3), 93-103. http://www.ijdc.net/index.php/ijdc/article/view/137


Story by Jeanne Pfander

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