16 December 2010

New e-Agricuture platform launched: New look, same mission!

The e-Agriculture Community is launching a totally new online platform today, 16 December 2010. The launch is in conjunction with the ICTD2010 conference, where a special half day session on enhancing the impact of
ICT in rural development has been organized by FAO and other partners in the e-Agriculture Community.

After three years of exciting growth, collaboration and knowledge sharing around ICT for rural development, this new platform has been developed to keep pace with the needs of your e-Agriculture Community in the coming years. This totally new platform is the result of the Community's suggestions and input, the combined effort of many
individuals, and takes advantage of appropriate new tools including Drupal and social media applications.

The result is not only a new website, but a new way for the Community of more than 7,000 members from 150 countries to interact, collaborate, share experiences, and
expand their collective understanding of key issues in the ICT4D field.

Visit the new website.

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