04 May 2012

CIARD publishes framework for sharing data and information for global agricultural research

CIARD (Coherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development) is a global movement to enhance access to data and information in the public domain to improve development based on agricultural research results.

In 2011, CIARD partners organized international consultations to understand and analyze the features of data and information sharing problems. The major product was the design of a framework and action plan to improve data and information sharing, and enhanced collaboration, worldwide.

The framework (the 'Beijing Agenda' comprises three dimensions, each with specified 'action areas where CIAR partners can take specific concrete actions':

Technical issues and technologiesAction Area 1 - Services, Tools and Infrastructure
Action Area 2 - Standards and Systems Architecture

Institutional and organizational aspectsAction Area 3 - Policies, Strategies and Institutional Structures
Action Area 4 - Development of Skills and Competencies
Action Area 5 - Appropriate Organizational Structures and Work Practices
Action Area 6 - Global Improvement of Data and Information Flows

Championing change in policy and practice
Action Area 7 - Advocacy and Evidence

Download a 'technical issues paper' in support of the Framework for Sharing Data and Information for Global Agricultural Research is available online.

View a presentation on the 'Beijing Agenda':

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