04 May 2006

AGNIC Leadership Council explores National Digital Library for Agriculture

In January this year the AGNIC Leadership Council for Agricultural Information and Outreach begin the development of a visioning process for a National Digital Library for Agriculture.

Using MindManager brainstorming software, the group considered the following proposition:
    "Imagine that you return to work and find a transformed agricultural information system, built around a National Digital Library for Agriculture. Everything works well. It is a high-performing, customer-focused, comprehensive system. It blends its service mission and its leadership role in perfect resonance with the needs and aspirations of the community. Its value and contribution are well known, openly appreciated and frequently celebrated."
The group came up with a 'Draft Strategic Plan for the National Digital Library for Agriculture (NDLA)' as well as a series of 'mind maps' on NDLA stakeholders, and the process to 'draw the road map' to get there. The results are available online and illustrate both the types of issues and challenges and opportunities ahead of us all; as well as a process to develop a vision and road map. As interesting for students of such processes are the types of people attenting the meeting: Deans of Libraries, Director of eXtension, Directors of Extension, senior staff of the NAL.




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